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Charag Farm

A long lasting family tradition

and a great love for Olive oil.

Our story

2 mules, 6 trees and a great love of a small family – this is how our family tradition began.

Charag Farm was established in 1924 by the late Menachem Charag, who was one of the founders of Kfar Hasidim, a small village at the north of Israel.

25 years ago, the late Menachem Charag, his son Amnon, grandson Giora and great-grandsons planted the first Olive grove by the fields of Kfar Hasidim. The trees were planted in a small ravine, which was cultivated by the family for many years.

Ever Since, we are a family of Exquisite olive oil, keeping our legacy and fulfilling the Zionist dream.

Our values

Long lasting family tradition

Charag Farm’s extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a result of a long lasting tradition of nourishing our olive trees with tender, dedication and love: Planting, watering, nourishing, weeding, harvesting and mainly caring for our Olive trees. 25 years of loyalty to our land, thorough learning and understanding of our trees, has given our Extra Virgin Olive Oil unique aromas and characteristics. We have chosen the most suitable, tasteful and of quality Olive cultivars to grow and produce Olive Oil in our region: Picual, Leccino, Picholine, Soury and Coratina. We added one top quality cultivar for edible green olives: Manzanilla. Every bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil we produce contains our great love for olives, family tradition, the great effort and experience we put every morning, every year, for many years now.


Our friends are our clients

We know our customers for many years, sharing the experience of growing olives; successes, disappointments and our passion for Olive Oil. Our name is our strength; we stand behind it proudly because we believe this is the right way of taking care of our customers, offering the best Olive Oil we can.


We take pride in our work

Our Olive groves are treated with love and professionalism by Giora Charag, a specialized Agronomist, accompanied by the most experienced and renowned professionals in Israel.


our evoo
Our olive oil

We produce extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from the folowing cultivars: 

Picual, Leccino, Picholine, Soury

and Coratina.

The EVOO is available for purchase in a tin can of 0.75 ml, 2L, 5L, or in a 1L glass botlle. We sell our olive oil in our shop at Ha-Meyasdim St 14, Kfar Hasidim, 2040000, Israel. For buyers through our online store, currently we ship only within Israel, However we are open for special requests.


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